Maldives is an island nation in the Indian ocean formed by a chain of 1,900 coral islands grouped into 26 atolls. Maldives is known as “the tropical paradise” for reasons such as its natural beauty. This tropical country has separated islands and they are surrounded by its own lagoon. Each island has pure white sandy beaches and beautiful turquoise sea. The sea covers 99% of the Maldives and it is where you can see beautiful fishes and corals. The Maldives is irresistible with its white beaches, turquoise sea, blue lagoons, colorful marine life and many palm trees. With a temperature of around 30C all days of the year. Maldives is a dream come true at any time. Tasty cuisine, extremely friendly staff everywhere and tons of relaxation opportunities makes this country worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

Capital of Maldives, Male’ is a city full of beautiful landscapes. There are many attractions in the city such as the independence square, National museum, grand Friday mosque, sultan park, artificial beach and many more.

Hulhumale is a reclaimed island located in the North Male’ Atoll, Maldives. The artificial island is being built up by pumping sand from the sea floor. There are many things to do in Hulhumale. Like scuba, snorkeling, shark diving and visiting religious sites. There are also many other attractions as well such as Hulhumale central Park, Hulhumale beaches, Hulhumale mosques and many more.


Local Attractions

- Jumhooree Faalan (Official Jetty)
- Jumhooree Maidhaan (Republic Square)
- Masjid Sultan Muhammad Shamsuddeen (Sultan Palace)
- Theemuge (Presidential Palace)
- Islamic Center & Masjid Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu Al-au’zam (Islamic Center and the big Friday Mosque Mohamad Thakurufaanu Al-au’zam)
- National Museum
- Jumhooree Binaa (Republic Monument)
- President’s Office
- Minaret of Hukuru Miskiy
- Hukuru Miskiy (Old Friday Mosque)
- Mulee-Aage (This is the previous presidential palace)
- People Majilis (The Parliament)
- Rasfannu Beach
- Artificial Beach
- Sultan Park
- Central Park, Hulhumale’
- Hulhumale beaches

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